Slatium about war.

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Do you like to be entertained when you read an essay? I know that I want to be entertained, but the way I am entertained in reading an essay is I like it to be informative. I believe this is true for a lot of avid readers. The essay Solatium by Philip D. Beidler, is very informative on the things that went on during the Vietnamese war, and the feelings that he had toward it. In this short essay he tells a story of a little boy, and how the U.S. Government shows their compassion for the injuries of Vietnamese people. Beidler, as a writer and an English teacher, explains to the readers just how bad the experiences were and what they have done to him mentally. This was one of the best essays that I have read though out my entire life because I could relate with a lot of the military aspects and because he was really informative in his writing style.

Did you know that a solatium is money given to family or relatives, for the loss or injury of a loved one. When I read the essay about the solatium and why it was given to the boy, I was in shock. I had no idea that when the military did harm to another family during war they would give them money. I also didn't know about the kind of things that had been going on in the Vietnam war. I also could understand why the government would pay for the tragic loss of a foreign family member. During the war they would give the family or relatives fourteen dollars and forty cents for children under the age of fourteen and thirty-five dollars to children over the age of fourteen. It seems like so...