A Slave In Roman Times (First Person Account).

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Hello my name is Remus Augustulus. I am a slave. My master is very rich but treats me well compared to other masters. Many slaves like me are treated very harshly. Many times we have rebelled against our harsh treatment. Spartacus led our most serious rebellion. He led an army of 90,000 slaves in 73 BC and it took the roman army two years to defeat us. My job is to clean the house and to help educate my masters children. My masters house is decorated by mosaics, murals and frescos. In every roman house we have a small shrine to our gods. My master is very wealthy so he is an upper-class patrician. The rest of the people are called plebeians. My masters wife helps to educate their children especially their daughter. My master has a son and daughter. Even though they are only 11 and 16 they are getting married soon.

This is normal here in Rome. My masters son goes to school to learn Latin, philosophy and other important subjects. Girls don't usually go to secondary school because they stay home with their mothers to learn how to look after children and how to clean the house.

Breakfast, the ientaculum is a very light meal and the business of the day begins immediately afterwards. The law courts and the Senate also begin their business early in the day and continue in session until the afternoon. At midday we have our first substantial meal of the day, prandium or luncheon. In early days this was the main meal of the day, but gradually the evening cena, or dinner, has become more important. The prandium is a meal taken privately, usually within the household; it can be a very light meal, and guests are not normally invited. After...