Small Towns and Big Cities

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Some people favor living in small towns; others prefer living in big cities. They both have the same reason--to live a life which they like the best. However, there is a remarkably conspicuous contrast between small towns and big cities. They differ from each other in transportation, life style, and leisure.

For a start, in terms of transportation, there is a big difference between small towns and big cities. In small towns, it is never far from one place to another. People do not have to drive far to their destination or can even just walk to anywhere, thus saving much energy and money as well as commuting problems. On the other hand, big cities usually offer a good public transit system. People living in big cities are provided with a great variety of transportation tools, such as buses, subways, sky-trains, etc. As a result, they do not rely heavily on cars for transportation; they will always be able to reach their destination should their cars go into maintenance or get lost.

Also, in terms of life style, there is a strong contrast between small towns and big cities. Small towns have a more relaxing and peaceful atmosphere--no busy traffic on the road, gardens around small comely houses, sweet scent floating in the air, and people walking about gracefully. People lead a simple but easy life. On the contrary, owing to the prosperity in commerce and industry, everything takes place in big cities at a quicker pace and in a more energetic way. All kinds of activities can be observed happening at the same time, which altogether builds up a mood that is lively and vigorous rather than just active. In big cities, the life is dynamic and diverse, full of vitality.

As a final point, in...