Smart Growth in Dayton Ohio

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Smart growth is a method of managing the growth of a community. The goal is to focus on long-term growth and how it can affect the community. It is a plan to protect open space and farmlands while revitalizing communities; it helps provide affordable housing and more transportation choices for people.

Local zoning laws are the best tools in achieving smart growth, by doing this; it will restrict new developments to specific areas. It will reduce the amount of minimum amounts of parking required when building new developments, making set-asides for parks and many other community amenities.

Revitalizing vacant properties that have been left abandoned by residents. Vacant properties are of much waste, the damage of these vacant buildings causes the lowering of property values, increases crime, and causing environmental hazards.

When developers want to develop in a community they need to prepare an environmental impact assessment on their plans so the government agencies see if the impact will hurt or harm the area before giving permission to build.

Create different housing opportunities to the community. Having more options for buyers and renters is essential in the growth of the community, because no one wants to have the same thing or look.

Build more sidewalks; this gives neighborhoods a sense of having a community; helping people to get to know each other within their community is vital to their surroundings.

In Dayton, Oh there is a high crime rate, as to what I was used to in Biloxi MS. I have noticed many old buildings, which contribute to crime. I would suggest revitalizing these vacant buildings to make it more appealing to the community eyes. "Cleaning" up a community and making it safer for people to live in is a vital thing that needs to happen in Dayton.