How Smartpnhones affect us

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How smartphones affect modern people

I'm not the so-called "generation heads down", and none of my family members are, either. Nevertheless, with the emerging wave of technology and the innovation in smartphones, keeping abreast of this trend seemingly becomes necessary now that most people surrounding me have their life overflowing with this electronic device. Chances are that people, especially teenagers, are afraid of being labeled as "nerds" or "freaks" if they fail to "surf" their smartphone at any time.

Whenever it is time for family reunion, all of my relatives will greet each other wholeheartedly and strike up a heated conversation with one another, with the exception of my cousin, Tim. The restless and naughty boy seems to have boundless vitality, but an i-pad or a smartphone absolutely works wonders on him. At the moment, you can see a quiet boy nestling on the sofa, and being absorbed in the i-pad in his hand.

No matter how hard I want to chat with him, he totally ignores me. As far as he is concerned, the virtual figures on the Net weigh much more than me. Alienated as he is, I'll strain every efforts to find back my real cousin, who used to be easygoing and carefree. After numerous hearty conservations with him, I know he just wants to scores the highest on a certain Net game, and then his friends will show respect for him and hang out with him. All their lives revolve around virtual figures on the Internet. Gradually, they show no concern for people around them and feel timid before strangers. I strain no effort to convince him that it is what he is which really counts. All the other relatives also show him warmth and comfort when encountering him. We swear to find back...