SMC Five-Year Forecast.

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It appears evident that retaining high employees is problem that the SMC Corporation must remedy. Not all factors affecting turnover are under SMC's control, SMC does have considerable bearing on those that work for them. The communication between the SMC staff and the district supervisors, appear to have been minimal, which is evident when looking at the way in which the CEO plans to leave the company came to light. SMC needs to identify the areas lacking in regards to retaining their immediate staff, and there are a number of major areas for SMC to investigate to try to eliminate the possibility of this same problem occurring again. SMC needs to discover whether the supervisors and employees see a link between their pay and their performance, or if they perceive advancement opportunities within SMC, and if they feel their contributions are recognized and valued.


The lack of a job specification presents a problem for SMC when it comes to recruitment and selection of candidates to fill the vacancies.

The job specification focuses on the person, identifying the minimum acceptable qualifications that the candidate needs to possess in order to perform the job successfully, also highlighting the level of knowledge, skills, and abilities required. The job specification will also assist in keeping management's attention on the necessary requirements and further aid the determination of whether the candidate is sufficiently qualified. Furthermore, the job specification is important for the candidates, as they need to understand what is expected from them.

Yet another hurdle facing SMC recruitment, there are a variety of sources for potential job candidates from which to choose. An internal search of SMC's advertisements in local or national press, employee referrals, public or private employment agencies are but a few. SMC must explore recruiting options, each with their...