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Letter to the Editor: On October 14th, I attended the first game with the Plattsmouth U-14 soccer team, The Thunder's, of the Bellevue Soccer League. This is our team's first year in this league. Prior to our first game of fall soccer, I was advised by many other parents that some of the teams were a little more physical and rougher than what we had been used to playing in prior years in the Tri-County league. I as one, never have experienced such roughness and poor sportsmanship as I witnessed at this game.

I grew up in Cass County and attended all of my school years there. We were not in the same conference as Plattsmouth so I never had the opportunity to experience what sportsmanship your students and parents exhibit. Since graduation, I have been a resident of Douglas County and now reside in Sarpy County. Thoughout the years of attending sporting events within the Millard School District, other towns within Cass County, and our own school district, your town needs to take notice of how your fellow citizens represent your town in sporting events.

In this particular soccer game, there were several deliberate pushes that any other referee would have considered "body slams". The referee did not call on the numerous acts of roughness but only once. This call was made towards the very end of the game at which time all of the Springfield fans were appalled that your town once again has a sports team that doesn't conduct themselves with good sportsmanship. It isn't uncommon to find within a team, a couple of players that may have an attitute or are rough, but the majority of these girls were definitely trying to live up to their teams name...Thunder. Two girls on the team were...