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SportsmanshipSportsmanship is what a team and a team player needs and know about on the field or court. Sportsmanship is about being honest, having fun and good time while playing. It is important to have a good temper; for example when the other team scores go up and congratulate them and give compliments.

Sportsmanship is good to have because it teaches you lesson about life. With sportsmanship it ca help you save friendship. For example, say you and a friend are playing soccer and you score and you say loser to him, you might hurt his feelings, making him not wanting to play with you anymore. Not being a good sportsman can give you and your team a bad reputation. When you have bad reputations people might not want to play with you anymore or play dirty with you, thinking you're going to play dirty too.

Sportsmanship is the number one rule in sports.

I think people like Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan are good examples for young sportsmans. They are good examples because when they play they have good sportsmanship. They not only make themselves look good but they make the team look good. So the number one reason why everybody likes them is not because they are good players, but they have good sportsmanship.

So in conclusion, I think it doesn't matter who you play but how you play. You should always remain a good sportsmanship either you're on or off the court. That is the end of my essay about good sportsmanship.