The Social Effects During The Great Depression

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The social effects during the great depression.

In the early 1930's there was the great depression. This was caused when the market went into recession and did not recover causing the markets to crash and people lost all of their money. The great depression effected all of the people in many ways, one of the ways was socially. Firstly: The most effected people were the working class. Secondly: The class which was effected a little was the middle class. Finally: The class which was hardly effected was the upper class.

Firstly: The most effected people were the working class. They were effected because they had unstable and low paying jobs so they did not get much money so if problem came along they could not do much. Also many working class people lost their homes and were forced to live on the streets or under bridges and they had no use to get up in the morning because they knew there was no chance of getting a job.

Living standards were dropped dramatically because the people had no money to buy new clothes or sheets to sleep on and everything became flea ridden. Also many people had no food, so they had to line up outside the Salvation Army's kitchen to get some warm soup. There were around 30, 000 unemployed people at that time in all of Australia. There were lots of family hardships and people arguing with each other. There was also a big risk of an epidemic breaking out as all of the people were living together in one place. So the working class was effected the most and all of them were struggling a lot.

Secondly: The great depression had some effect on the middle class because the people which made up the middle...