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Social Inequality and Social Stratification

In our everyday life, socialists said and used the terms Social Inequality and Social Stratification a lot. These phenomenons are something related to the society itself. Both of them are multifaceted phenomenon, which means including intangible like materials and elements. Also, they are components such as, income and education. About these topics, Socialists have written many theories, some said that stratification is natural in human societies; some argued that if all social inequalities were eliminated, the survivals of societies would be jeopardized, and some other conflict theories. In this assignment, Iam going to talk about Social Inequality and Social Stratification, some famous theories about these topics and example of a country study.

Social Inequality refers to the unequal distribution of valued goods and services among the members of a given group or population at a particular point of time. Meanwhile, Social Stratification refers to such a distribution of goods and services that has become permanent over time, they are structured and justified by prevailing norms, beliefs and values,and it transmitted from generation to another in the society.

Theories about these subject are many for instance, Natural Superiority Theory, Functionalist Theory, Marxist Class Conflict Theory and Webrian Multiple Hierarchies Model.

Natural Superiority Theory:

This theory is never developed and stated as a formal theory. It had an influence in a part of European and US social thoughts in the late 19th and early 20th century. This theory was found in the writings of Herbert Spencer and William Graham Sumner who were important figures in the history of Social Darwinism (a social and political

Philosophy that believed in the existence of natural laws of social evaluation and argued for a hands-off approach to human social affairs). This theory was considered as an explanation of why certain kind...