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Social Media and Marketing

"Marketing which occurs via social media is known as social media marketing." (Nadaraja and Yazdanifard, n.d.) "Social media, which begins as an entertainment tool in the beginning, then became the most recent marketing phenomena because of its remarkable advantages in business area. Social media is used because it has time, audience, relations and cost advantages. s. Costs can be reduced through social media as the distribution part necessary in mass media, is got rid of. Most social media outlets are accessed free of charge. Besides, the development of target groups and issue-by-issue advertising and promotion are available at a lower cost." (Kirti\cs and Karahan, 2011) Social media brought out drowning businesses by increasing the sales of business giants as customer relationships were built and product value had increased. This cost effective tool has many advantages and disadvantages connected with it.

Advantages from reliable, cost-effective, and mass reach. Disadvantages from privacy issues, copyright issues and negative feedback due to bad advertising.

Cost Related: Financial constrains related to marketing through social media are very less, on the other hand traditional or manual methods cost marketers huge sums of money which add to the cost of the product and decrease sales. Thus, social media is the most cost effective technique in today's world to communicate with consumers and let them know what the service or product is about. Interaction: people spend most of their time in communication activities on the web, which is a great advantage to marketers in order to market their product and catch their eye to it. Customer services: With the advancement of social media, marketers have webpages of their related products in order to influence communication with their users. Contents such as feedback, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)...