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COURSE ASSIGNMENT inMarketing managementEXECUTIVE SUMMARYSocially responsible marketing is a response to all unethical marketing done in the past and it came to life because companies started to pay the price of the indirect costs caused by their product. The costs can be in terms of customer's dissatisfaction by the product caused by having too high expectations due to marketing, or in terms of the product's negative implication on health or environment. Now day's customers expect to be accurately informed about the product's value and want to make sure that all indirect costs are included in the price. However, customers are not willing to pay the higher price for the product. One may say that the customers are getting more and more demanding but I see here a window of opportunity. The good example is Dove Campaign for real beauty where Dove gained significant advantage in front of competition by using honest approach.

In this paper I have put emphasis on the Energy business in particular on the oil and gas company Total. Total has a well developed Socially Responsible program for which it is using a quiet marketing approach. Even though quiet approach is recommended I believe that well developed and targeted marketing can be more efficient if Total develops strategic CSR and concentrate on the reparation of damage caused by its business of the exploitation of Earth's natural resources. Furthermore looking deeper into Total's Socially Responsible program I am not convinced it Total's honesty.

I believe that Total needs to put more dedication and honesty into Socially Responsible program by involving employees in the socially responsible activities and strongly committing to the cause. Involving people doing the good thing is much harder than writing a check and shows commitment.