Solar Energy in North African Region

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Solar Energy in North African Region



An Outlook to Renewable Energy

Economical Structure of Solar Energy in North Africa

Technological Structure of Solar Energy in North Africa

Solar PV industry

Solar CSP industry



Solar Energy In North African Region

The North Africa is a resource rich region and Solar energy is becoming a major economic development opportunity. North Africa must take advantage of it. For many decades, mining, minerals extraction and the exploitation of oil and gas fields have played an essential part of the economic landscape along the entire Southern Mediterranean coast from Egypt to Morocco. On the other hand, there is one natural resource , which so far has received scant attention, despite an abundance that has few parallels around the world: Solar energy. With rapidly falling prices of solar technologies and environmental factors are in place for the creation of a new local industry.

This abundance of solar potential is inexhaustible and without polluting and toxic side effects that makes solar energy an attractive option for the Maghreb to develop a pillar in its resource exploitation and processing industry. It can furthermore increase the wealth of Maghreb and contribute to a decarbonized electricity supply if it were to be utilized as a resource both for domestic energy supply as well as electricity exports.


There is no doubt that renewable energy has hit the mainstream. According to the IEA, Worldwide government support for renewable energy will increase from 57 billion in 2009 to 205 billion in 2035. However, this is still much less than government's support to fossil fuels. This brings us to this major question. Can renewable energy really be scaled up to the level of completely replacing the fossil-fuel-based energy system? It is said that this expansion...