'Something is Wrong With America': Michael Moore's documentary 'Bowling for Columbine' is his view of America. How does he make this documentary interesting?

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The Academy Award winning documentary 'Bowling for Columbine' by Michael Moore is an eye-opening, entertaining and often satirical documentary which uses various visual, spoken and well edited techniques to present his causes and reasons for the Columbine High School Massacre of 1999 and other acts of violence with guns in just 120 minutes of running time.

Michael Moore is very good at choosing the right images to appear on the screen to contrast with the audio background. The United States of America shows this very obviously in the 'What a Wonderful World' segment in which he lists a series of military, clandestine, and diplomatic actions while playing 'What a Wonderful World' sung by Louis Armstrong in the background. The lyrics of the song are contradicted by the images you are shown on the screen, forcing you to think twice about what you are hearing and realise the harsh reality of what you are seeing.

There are subtitles too to narrarate what is going on, like '1998: Clinton bombs "weapons factory" in Sudan. Factory turns out to be making aspirin.' Comments like these really make you think and feel disgusted towards America and how violent they have all become.

Michael Moore is also very good at getting information out in the interview and letting the audience know what he's thinking even though he does not address the camera directly, like when he was interviewing Moore conducted an interview with Evan McCollum, Director of Communications at a Lockheed Martin plant near Columbine, and asked him, "So you don't think our kids say to themselves, 'Dad goes off to the factory every day, he builds missiles of mass destruction. What's the difference between that mass destruction and the mass destruction over at Columbine High School?' Although he is asking a question...