Somewhere in Time

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Richard Collier (Christopher Reeve) is a young writer and this night will prove to be very special for him. In addition to this being opening night for his first play, he will also meet someone who will change his life forever. This person is a very old woman, who hands him an antique watch and bids him to return with her somewhere. He is confused, but he simply cannot stop thinking about the incident and so he begins to research who she is. He soon learns that her name is Elise (Jane Seymour) and she was a popular stage performer in the early 1900s. His thoughts don't end with this information either, as he can't seem to push the woman out of his thoughts in the least. Although the odds are against him, he decides to use self-hypnosis to venture into the past, where he can meet this woman and learn more about her.

His plan works in the end, as he is able to meet her and soon enough, the two have fallen in love. Why he's compelled and how he makes the journey are part of the film's mystery and appeal. Let's just say if you're familiar with the novel TIME AFTER TIME, you won't be too surprised by his method of transportation. Once he reaches the past, the film becomes more of a straightforward romance with all the strum, drag and passion that implies.

But can this love overcome the odds and even if it can, will Richard be able to remain in this time, even though he doesn't belong there? The story ends with a sudden. Richard realizes he doesn't belong to that period of time and come back to the present, which makes him almost desperate. Everything is over and the film brings...