Soulstone Destruction.

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All the soulstones have finally been destroyed. The prime evils have finally been rid from this Earth. Now what lies ahead. You return to your village to find everything destroyed. Nothing left but rubble and dead bodies. You go to your home to see writing in your families blood on the wall. It reads YOU MAY HAVE DESTROYED OUR SOULSTONES BUT YOU WILL NEVER COMPLETELY DESTROY US!!! Wondering what this means you go out in search of cain again. When you finally find him he is dead all that is left is a scroll. The scroll explains that the prime evils are not really dead. In fact they're back stronger than ever. You throw the scroll into fire and 5 goblins jump out. You fight them off with ease. These goblins were not sent to kill you but, more likely to prove that the prime evils are still alive. When they are all dead they begin to shape the dead bodies into letters.

It says Tal Rasha. Immediately you depart to Tal Rashas Tomb once again. You go to see Lut Golein swarmed with goblins. You fight them off and find Dragnon. He explains what he knows which was that the prime evils have yet to return from the dead that

they are attacking through minions and will not come until they're threat to rule the world is in danger. He also tells you that Tal Rashas Tomb may be more dangerous than last time and to be extra careful. When you get to the tomb the smell of death and corruption fills your nostrils. It is filled with evil. You fight your way threw to find tal rasha walking around. You ask him what is wrong and with a shriek he sends out 10 fireballs in your direction. You...