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Competitive sailing is a water-sport that utilizes team effort as a key component for peak performance. Like almost every team, the universal goal is to create a common vision (goal). Ultimately, the vision or goal is to develop cohesiveness which in-turn strengthens your team progress and productivity. Trust, motivation, and assistance are the key components for a team to operate as a unit. Where most groups struggle is communicating their goals. The lack of communication causes the goals that are rendered and the steps required to achieve them misinterpreted; this may subsequently cause a chain-reaction effect throughout the team. Stating goals clearly while getting an understanding of the objective attempting to be reached are two of the most beneficial factors that need to be conveyed to a team, if they insist on becoming efficient at completing tasks.

Sailing is a good example of how important team-work is needed, but is not the only way a team atmosphere is needed for optimum results.

Like sailing, a business entity too works in teams, and goals are implemented. Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management, are each individual departments that shape the body of a single unit under the establishments title. Although not taken into consideration on a day- to-day basis, these separate groups offer an enormous amount of trust, motivation, and assistance amongst their co-workers. Trust, is not worrying about your co-workers responsibilities, just focusing on your objective in faith they are taken care of their part. Motivation, are the goals and steps to achieve them, being the inner drive you need to have a consistent objective to look toward completing. Finally, assistance comes from those in higher positions, they can point you in the right direction in case your uptight about a decision, or obstacle you are facing.

A goal-oriented process is...