Sports Science

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Science Assessment #2:

Sports Science

Over the last few years' science in sport has increased dramatically, with availability of many more performance-enhancing drugs many people have seen this as an option to easily win.

There are different types of Drugs which make winning much easier for the person who takes them. Here is a list and description on each one.

Stimulants: Stimulates speed up the nervous system increasing a person's alertness and increasing reaction times, examples of these are Caffeine and amphetamines.

Beta-Blockers: These calm you down; these are taken for sports like Darts and Snooker

Diuretics: These are used to flush out any traces of drugs that the athlete may have used; they are taken before the event because they increase urinating in the attempt to flush pout all evidence of the drug.

Anabolic Steroids: These are used to increase muscle mass, making a person stronger. These can have very bad side effects on the athlete.

There are some other drugs taken but none of them are really significant unless they are under these four categories.

With all these drugs available it is quite easily for the athlete to succeed in their chosen sport with a ride variety of Performance-enhancing drugs.

However stricter rules have been applied to athletes and their sports, drug testing has become much more efficient and stricter. Thew Government have started initiatives to stop cheater in sport.

This has an impact on society, in society there are many drug users, there seems to be a gap between Drugs in sport and in society when in reality they are just as illegal and as bad. And when people see their sports idles taking drugs there is a possibility that they will follow their lead. Which has a great impact on the youth side of the...