Who, (or what) was Spring-Heeled Jack?

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Who, or what exactly was Spring Heeled Jack? During the early 19th and 20th centuries, this anomaly terrorized the people of London. Though his story may seem like it was taken out of the pages of an Alfred Hitchcock book, many people claim that his existence was real. His very existence remains a mystery today and many seek to find the truth behind the various strange events of the past He was portrayed as being tall, thin, and full of inhuman vigor. Even the attire of this baffling being was described as mysterious, as he mainly wore a long black, or other dark colored cloak. A number of witnesses testified that he had large pointed ears and a large sharp nose, with red gleaming eyes. Also, it was believed that he spat strange blue and white flames from his mouth in the heat of an attack. However, what makes him seem so ominous is the fact that he (or it) could leap 20-30 feet vertical.


The first incident may have transpired in September of 1837, in London, England. A businessman was returning home from work late at night, via the cemetery route, when a very mysterious creature jumped over the cemetery railings and directly into his path. The wall of the cemetery was at least 10 feet high and yet this man or creature, had effortlessly leapt over it without obstruction. The businessman was scared out of his wits. He was so shocked that he simply stood there and did not move when the creature vaulted over the railings and disappeared into the night. However, he remembered the face of the man and described him as having a large nose, pointed ears and red glowing eyes.

A short while after, the being that is now...