What I stand for

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L'ecolier Cassiopée Matthew Beyersdorf

English 103


What I stand for

As of September 8, 2014, the contents of this document pertain to the beliefs, perceptions, and other variants that affect what I stand for. Currently, I stand for integrity, independence, gratefulness, and being strong minded.

I believe in the integrity of the individual. Every of my actions are driven by it. I believe that integrity is a virtue that makes a person whole. I also strongly believe that being happy with yourself is the greatest success in life, which makes integrity the base of a happy life. It makes someone authentic, respected, and trusted. Someone who always does the right thing will never have to look over his shoulder nor feel bad about himself. Integrity is what we're looking for in the other person and this is why it is so important for me to have it.

I made integrity such an important part of my life the day I got caught stealing a lighting bulb from my father.

As a kid, I used to steal little thing and never be honest about it. But that day, I differentiated for the first time the right from the wrong. Seeing my dad so angry made me realize how lacking of integrity could affect a relationship.

That day, I realized that I couldn't expect integrity from my father if I hadn't't any myself.

I believe in independence. I would define independence as thinking independently and being self reliant. I believe that in order to survive in the world, one has to be independent. People tend to rely on others more than they ever should. They fail to realize that relying on others too much is giving them control of their lives. I also believe that independence is the key not only...