Starship Troopers:comparison of johnny rico's class and my class

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Starship Troopers

Johnny's class is like my civics class in the following ways:

1. Readings are assigned and discussed in class. On pg. 92, Johnny guessed at an answer because he had not read that day's assignment.

2. Johnny was singled out by his instructor to help him understand a concept just as sometimes my teacher chooses someone to engage him/her in the discussion to help the class and the student better understand the material.

3. Everyone was required to take History and Moral Philosophy class and everyone at Jefferson is required to take civics.

4. In Johnny's class, references to history were made, for example: Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, and Hitler with regard to violence (pg. 26). In my Civics I class, we also talked about our country's early history of shaping our nation. These references to history in Johnny's class and my civics class help us better understand their effect on history at the time and today.

5. Johnny's teacher said, "Nothing of value is free." In our Civics I class, we have realized how our country had to pay for freedom with the cost of lives lost in wars.

6. Johnny's class discussed the problems of society: murder, drugs, vandalism etc. which we have also discussed in our civics class.

7. Mr. Dubois emphasized "The basis of all morality is duty." In my civics class, we discussed our responsibilities and duties as citizens.

Johnny's class contrasts my civics class in the following ways:

1. No one had to pass History and Moral Philosophy. Everyone is required to pass Civics at Jefferson. The class must be retaken if one fails.

2. Though students were not required to pass the class, they showed respect and civic responsibility in living life without crime. Today students at Jefferson must pass civics...