State Comparison of Dallas, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana

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State Comparison of Dallas, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana

Dallas, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana both, have several pros and cons

that can help in deciding where to reside in. The most important topics

in this decision regard the costs of living, the city's employment status,

and its general features that the city may be known for, such as state

attractions, reliable government, or its lack of resources.

In the battle of costs for living, whether they might be for houses or

apartments, Shreveport wins. The average price for a 3-bedroom house

in Dallas is $143,697, compared to Shreveport's Price, $130,593. If you

would rather live in a 2-bedroom apartment, Dallas may charge a $865 rent

payment, while Shreveport will charge $635. On a scale from 1 to a 100,

100 being the U.S. average for cost of living, Dallas is at a 93.83, where

Shreveport trails with a 91.35. If you don't mind to pay an extra $230

a month for an apartment rent, then these statistics may not bring you

to a final decision.

Both of these cities, are known for there exciting attractions. Dallas

has Six Flags over Texas, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Texas Rangers, while

Shreveport is known for its Casinos and Hotels such as the Boomtown Casino

and Hotel, and the Hollywood Casino and Hotel. Each city is about tied

as far as recreational activities depending on your interests. If you

enjoy sports more than gambling, then Dallas might be a better choice.

Shreveport however, definitely has the more elegant dining, with restaurants

serving food from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds such as

Greek, soul food, and oriental. Despite all the activities that can be

done in your leisure time, each city's government works hard in making

sure you are safe and you...