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Statement of Philosophy Education is a monumental experience in the life of a student. The teacher, who implements the education, plays one of the largest roles in the development of the student. Teachers influence the life of a child from the age of four years old, and they will continue to have an influence until the age of eighteen or more. Whether or not the student recognizes the imperative role of the teacher, the teacher must keep in mind that they have the second most important role, after the parents, in shaping the life and successes of a child.

In order to promote and implement as much student success as possible, I believe in the active role of a teacher as an instructor, mentor, and counselor. One of my high school teachers fulfilled all three of the before mentioned roles for me, and she is the reason that I am teaching today.

Her high expectations and support pushed me to find a greater level of success than what I have achieved. She made me believe in my academic ability, as well as in myself as a person.

If I can fulfill the roles of instructor, mentor, and counselor in my classroom, I will feel that I have done my job well. I believe that students can always exceed their current level of academic success through hard work and cooperation, and encouraging them through positive reinforcement aids in achieving the extra inch.

High school is a major turning point in the life of a student, and I believe that students should feel challenged academically, yet at home in the classroom.