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The Stem Cell Controversy Since its introduction in 1998 human stem cell research has pushed its way on to center stage not only on a scientific level but a moral level as well. In 1999 the American Association declared it "Breakthrough of the Year"� for the Advancement of Science. These advances have triggered a new debate among scientists and the public, particularly among patients and their advocates. The most recent example of these debates can be found in the Dallas Morning News article by Daniel Perry. This article is appropriately entitled "Pro"� which represents Mr. Perry's stance on the issue. Daniel Perry is the executive director of the nonprofit Alliance for aging research and the chairman of the Patient's Coalition for Urgent Research. He represents over thirty-five groups that support federal funding of stem cell research. Despite his Pro position Perry's tone is relatively calm and civil. He keeps the article rather informative and speaks his mind without being very offensive.

Perry includes the opposing view as well to balance the article and allow for somewhat of a rebuttal. By offering a sincere, strait forward, and truthful view of his beliefs Perry has presented a uniquely reasonable argument to the reader.

Advocates claims are largely based on ethical and moral issues related to the research. Stem cells have the ability to develop into most of the cells or tissues in the body and can divide indefinitely in culture. Because of their regenerative capacity stem cells represent a major step forward in human biology. According to Daniel Perry's assumptions "The great hope for medicine is that stem cells one day will be used as universal donor cells, capable of correcting the cellular defects that lead to scores of uncured human diseases such as childhood diabetes, heart disease, cancer and...