Steps toward becoming a successful Journalist

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Although I am still young, I have a good idea of what I would like to do in the future. My plan is to pursue the career of journalism. Journalism is a fiercely competitive job, with many steps and strategies that can be taken to advance oneself. It does not seem easy yet the world of journalism is extremely exciting with many rewards.

There are a great deal of skills needed to become a successful journalist. First off, a sincere interest in current affairs is beneficial. Writing, reporting, and interviewing is all centered on what is happening in the world today. I will have to learn to accept traveling away from home for periods at a time to get information on future articles. Journalists often work long irregular hours. The criteria for their work is demanding, with strict deadlines. I would have to learn self discipline, and practice getting assignments completed on time.

Procrastinating will not be acceptable. Furthermore, successful journalists need to have extreme confidence, excellent communication skills, and a good command of the English language for their work has to be error free. I believe taking a public speaking class in college will help higher my confidence and communication skills, and taking a few English classes will help my grammar and mechanical writing.

Many mental skills are crucial to succeeding in the world of journalism. One should possess qualities such as being able to remain calm under pressure and having an enthusiastic and out going personality. Having the capacity to be inquisitive and persistent, and understanding the need for balance and objective is also important. Many journalists work in loud, hectic offices. I would need to learn to tune out the noise to concentrate on my work. Practicing reading a book, or writing a short story in a...