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Steroids are a much ignored, much misused prescription drug. This may be due in part to the selected population generally found to abuse and misuse the chemicals. We live in a society where television commercials and magazine ads often dictate to society the "ideal" self. Most people are happy with themselves and their abilities, but not all. The population most often found to use steroids are the body builders, weight lifters, and track and field athletes. Professional athletes or others that feel or believe they can not become muscular, strong, or have enough stamina, often reach for the "miracle" drug. Anabolic steroids first came to the attention of society shortly after World War II, when it was most likely used to help the Jewish population regain their health and strength following the fall of the Nazi Regime. A drastic and swift change was noticed when the drugs were used in conjunction with healthy nutritional habits, adequate rest, appropriate amounts of exercise, and basically "good healthy living practices."

The European population, primarily those countries behind the Iron Curtain, began to investigate the benefits of using steroids to enhance their athletes potential and performance. Anabolic steroids are a testosterone-like agent that when taken, increases protein syntheses. It is available in tablet form or by being given an injection of the drug. Legally, a person requires a prescription to obtain the drug for personal/professional use by a medical doctor. Other ways are with black market sales. . "Since anabolic steroids have the ability to promote tissue growth and presumably lead to increased muscle mass and improve strength and power, they are much abused by athletes." One famous athlete and idol for many children was Hulk Hogan. Although he continues with his career as a professional wrestler and movie actor, he now claims to do so without the use of steroids. In fact, he is a spokesman against the hazards of the use of steroids.