Steroid Use in Sports

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Sports has always been an extremely competitive object in every athlete?s life. Hard work, determination and dedication have always been the mottos for athletes in any sport. Athletes spend hours every day training in the gym just to build the perfect body. When an athlete becomes sick or injured a doctor can prescribe different types of steroids to help maintain or rebuild any strength or body mass that has been lost in the body. Athletes soon realized the impressive results that these steroids can have on any single person. They then began using these steroids at free will. They believed that these anabolical steroids will have nothing but positive effects for the human body. ?Anabolic steroids, which are illegal to distribute without prescription, are synthetic derivatives of the hormone testosterone and have been linked to a wide range of serious health risks, including heart disease, organ damage, and not to mention the uncontrollable aggression, know has ?roid rage? that can affect abusers.?

( Hewitt,92) . These steroids are illegal in the United States unless properly prescribe by doctor for medical use only. If person is not sick or injured, then steroids have no purpose for a healthy human body. Steroids have a negative impact mentally and physically on individuals, which ends up affecting their life in the long run. ?A normal workout microscopically tears muscle fibers, triggering a chemical alarm in the form of a protein called IGF-I which calls nearby cells to make multiple copies of themselves by the normal process of cell division.? (Berger, 1)When steroids are being used in the body, this process is multiplied by one hundred times its normal speed creating extremely fast results.

Steroids come in two different types of forms, a liquid or pill. The liquid neither drank nor rubbed onto...