Steroid Use In Sports

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Struggle for size has been part of the athletic society since the early beginnings of man. Gladiators, wrestlers, and sprinters are some of the early types of athletes that

competed. Mankind seems to have been born with a desire to compete; every man feels the need to have dominance over another man. These facts are even apparent in today's

society. Now there are all kinds of sports to choose from, and many of these sports are played at a professional level. That desire to dominate will lead men to do almost

anything for victory. This is good in many cases because it shows courage and perseverance; on the other hand, many have taken it to the extreme of using outside agents to better their chances for dominance.

The illegal production and distribution of steroids should be disrupted or even halted. The athletic community as a whole looks down upon the usage of such drugs.

Many rules and regulations have been created to cut down on the number of athletes that use drugs to heighten their performances. The Olympics exemplify this strategy very well. If an Olympic competitor admits or is tested positive for steroid use the can be stripped of any medals won, or they can be disqualified from all competition. A well remembered instance in which this occurred was when the sprinter Ben Johnson won the gold medal in the 100-meter dash, but not to long after he was denounced from his position as the worlds fastest man.

Professional and college football in the United States also takes this approach to athletes caught using steroids. Football players may be fined or suspended from playing in games for testing positive. In order to solve any type of problem, one should consider the source of the dilemma, and...