A story about a failed lawyer

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Charles heard screeching in the distance. he couldn't be sure but it sounded like a car. The guy opposite began to smirk. The roar of an engine racing up behind them. There was a large bang. Charles was thrown to the ground, the security guard fell on top of him. The van was pounded, it veered off the road,. Bouncing up and down, Charles was being thrown about like clothes in a washing machine. Suddenly the van crashed to a halt. Shouting began, then gun fire, the shouting had now turned to screaming. The back doors flung open. Charles couldn't make out who was at the back of the van but he had a fair idea it wasn't the security guard drivers. More gunfire, it was deafening. Then there was laughing and "you took your time getting here". It was the other guy. Charles felt a tap on his shoulder, he looked up and saw him with a grin on his face, "you're a free man brother".

He never seen him again, never knew who he was, never wanted to know who he was. Doors in the distance slammed shut, then a car screeched away. Silence.

Charles could feel something dripping on his face, he thought it was water. He asked the security guard to get up but there was no response, no movement. He finally shuffled his way from under the security guard. This was no water, it was blood, the security guard had been shot dead. Charles got out of the van. It was dark, he seemed to be in a field, he could see the headlights of cars in the distance. But nothing else. What was he to do? The road behind him would soon be crawling with cops, the road ahead was bleak, one of...