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Executive summaryIntroductionProductVisionMissionMethodologyCorporate StructureCore Business AreaCurrent Service Plan Of AirtelExternal EnvironmentPESTSWOTCompetitor AnalysisBCG MatrixPORTER 5 FORCESPORTER GENERIC STRUCTUREValue Chain Bharti AirtelSIPOC Bharti AirtelPoliciesCorporate GovernanceStrategies Adopted By AirtelRecommendationReferencesExecutive SummaryThis report on Bharti Airtel is basically to determine the strategic approach adopted by Airtel to tackle the fierce competition that is going on in the telecom industry.The marketing strategies adopted by Airtel are SWOT analysis, BCG Matrix, Ansoff's Matrix, Porter's five forces etc.

These models help the company to find out the various aspects like companies position and its competitor in the market..

In this report it not only talked about the description of Airtel but also talked about the marketing strategies adopted by the company.

SWOT analysis of Airtel helps to find out the weak points of the company and to find out the way to overcome this problem. Moreover, it will help the company to seize the opportunity showed in the analysis and utilize it for its success and to fight the competition.

Similarly the Ansoff matrix helps to find out the strategic option available to the company under different market condition. Moreover it gives the answer as to why the company is looking for overseas market like Nigeria and Seychelles.

INTRODUCTIONAirtel is the one of India's leading providers of telecommunication services with a nationwide presence in all the 23 licensed jurisdictions (also known as Telecom Circles). We served an aggregate of 88,270,194 customers as of December 31, 2008; of who 85,650,733 subscribe to our GSM services and 2,619,461 use our Telemedia Services either for voice and/or broadband access delivered through DSL. We are the largest wireless service provider in the country, based on the number of subscribers as of December 31, 2008. We also offer an integrated suite of telecom solutions to our enterprise customers, in addition to providing...