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The concept of 'Total Quality Control', described by Feigenbaum, Juran, Crosby and Ishikawa in the book under that title, was published in America in 1961. This concept turned the whole world of manufacturing, government, education, service industries, science programs and NASA upside down in the 1980s, a management style of customer satisfaction that had been applied in Japan since the 1950s. But the implementation of such strategies meant the total organizational reconstruction. Yet the success of a company is based on the customer satisfaction and the key was in the hands of Total Quality Management (TQM) strategy. Motorola, IBM, Xerox and other companies were in their pursuit of total customer satisfaction and became pioneers of the TQM style.

Creech (1994) has defined four steps of TQM process:Include quality mindset and quality orientation in every activity, process and product;Develop humanistic setting by all-spheres quality of employees' activities they are involved in, the way they are treated and motivated;Empower all levels - the frontline can receive the power to participate;Aim the total quality management at every individual.

These steps can hardly be compared to other management styles, for competitive style is focused on personal goals, instead of teamwork and the relationships within it; avoiding style gives no problem-solving chance; accommodating values within individuals rather than task goals; authoritarian is aimed at top managers and avoids employees. The only management styles that relate to TQM are participative, compromising and collaborating where communication, recognition, integrity, and problem solving within a team setting accordingly. Motorola Corporation has not only implemented these styles, but also developed its own approach of TQM style. (Luisa, n.d.)Market competitors like Toshiba, Hitachi, Philips has forced Motorola to drastic shift in its marketing strategy. Its managers have found out that their competitors had hired an educated workforce, minimized...