Strategic Planning

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Fraternal Organization ServicesThis fraternal organization is nonprofit and Christian base which is design to help those in need. What sets this organization apart from others all members contributes his or her on personal funding to each function that is held and the organization take donations from individuals and companies who would like to donate to the cause. This organization is design to do volunteer services for different events.

Our purpose is delivering quality services and to help build better communities and become available to any other organization who may need assistance in the community. The organization aims and strives to do the very best possible for those who may be in need of assistance whether going door to door or helping with other organization that needs help. The organization will focus on ways to strengthen the resources to better serve the community and other organizations. The organization will continue to build strong relationships in the community and in other organization to help achieve better quality for all walks of life (Carter, 1997-2008).

The organizational goals are to be ambitious in achieving ongoing commitments in the community to serve over 500 needed families within a 12 month calendar year. Strategic management and planning is important for any organization or someone who is planning to open a business. Management is the part of a process which involves the planning and how operations will be ran. Having teams involved in the strategic management will show how important a successful implementation will be to the organization. Strategic planning will benefit the organization in relation to making sure each target area in the community receives the amount of attention needed to unify the neighboring communities as a whole. The four functions of management are helpful to any organization. Planning is the first process used in...