Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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The fallowing discussion will review the strategic quality management system, as well as the impact the system has on customer driven satisfaction within the Riordan organization. This paper will also compare and contrast Riordan to Arizona Department of Transportation in regards to the quality of customer driven satisfaction and through the comparison analysis look for ways to implement new ideals into the Riordan organization.

At Riordan the company's strategic keys to success are: serve the market through the top 15 customer clusters, to strengthen the Riordan brand name establishing a competitive advantage, continue growth throughout the market through innovation and environmentally friendly product, continue to make improvement to the supply chain, and to establish Riordan's leadership position. (Apollo Group, Inc., 2004)Riordan strives to create a quality culture; by selecting what the company feels are the best suited people for each job, as well as establishing roles and responsibilities.

Riordan also works to retain 95% of the company's key talent, retention of these skilled employees will save Riordan the time and money of finding, and training qualified replacements. By integrating Total Quality Management (TQM) characteristics of continuous internal and external improvement Riordan will continue to satisfy customers'. In order to achieve the expected outcomes, the root cause must be identified and satisfied. The bottom-line is customer satisfaction. Simply stated, satisfying the customer keeps them coming back. Therefore, the focus of TQM is total customer satisfaction. Based on Riordan's mission statement they understand the importance of adopting TQM philosophy. (Apollo Group, Inc., 2004)During the manufacturing process of any good there are set processes that occur. Burrill and Ledolter (1999) describes a process as "a logically related collection of actions or operations that work together to produce a given result-it transforms inputs into outputs, or by a combination of these." Process...