Strawberry Fields Forever

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1. Problem definition

In this case the critical problem identified by me was, the over supply of strawberries and less consumption of this fruit.

The strawberries in Australia have been increased in the following way

1. Increased production of strawberries, which were usually grown in Australia.

2. The Victorian Federal Government has introduced new higher yielding strawberries plants in to the country. These Californian strawberries were larger in size and had a potential for the fruit over an extended period. So, berry growers in Australia have increased their orders for these plants.

3. There was a major opportunity for strawberry dealers in importing strawberries from other countries. The reason behind it was the imported strawberries were much cheaper then the once which are cultivated in the country. So the fruit processors in Australia have increased their imports, which also lead to the oversupply.

Therefore, due to the above reasons there was an oversupply of strawberries in Australia, but there was very less consumption by the customers.

Keeping the problem in view, the Victorian Strawberry Growers Association have asked the Victorian government to take necessary action against the problem by setting up a statutory committee (VSIDC). This committee has decided opt for research and development to increase the consumption of the VSIDC and there increase the awareness of the fruit.

2. Type of Research Design

With the purpose of better understanding the attitudes and opinions of consumers toward strawberries in Melbourne and Sydney, a questionnaire consisting of twenty-nine questions and instigating a research program conducting a series of focus group interviews in which strawberry consumption and buying behaviour were examined in detail. A successful marketing research firm conducted this in order to help the Victorian Strawberry Industry Development Committee to take more effective marketing decisions. This research has been conducted using...