Strength and weaknesses

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Lee Johnston III

Connie Wong

Gen 300

16 January 2004

Strength and Weaknesses

I consider life a learning knowledge and we all have evident personal strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what he or she is excellent at along with being frail can help one become a better person. Discovering our weaknesses along with having the yearning to improve on them is a talent that I maintain.

Everybody has exceptional traits about themselves which makes that individual. To grow as an individual, we need to identify our strengths in order to overcome our weaknesses. I believe that my strengths have always permitted me to be successful in projects I have attempted in my life. This is because recognizing strengths and weaknesses is an important key to bring successful. For instance, when I come across a limitation in an area of necessity, I am able to improve that weak point. I deem that this characteristic is a strength that I have.

Determination is my supreme strength that flows into different parts of my life. In order to achieve goals one wants to achieve one must have determination. I my self try to set high standards in everything I do. This is because I like to do my work well so that I can be a successful in what ever I choose to do in life.

I have personal strengths in which I contributed in my profession. They are leadership abilities, goal oriented, and pride in work. I feel that these strengths have permitted me to move ahead in my professional career without a bachelor's degree. For instance, being able to look at a problem and come up with a feasible resolution, which is an asset that has come naturally to me. This was done by looking at the whole image and not the...