Was Stresemann's death a tragedy for Germany or not?

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In this essay I will involve whether or not Stresemann's death was a tragedy and my reasons for thinking this. It will include Stresemann's involvement with the government and his failiers and success's during the time he was known till his death. I will also include Stresemann during the difficult times between 1918 and 1929 when he died.

Gustav Stresemann was born in 1878, he was the leader of the national liberal party before 1914. After the first world war the National liberal party became the Germans people's party (dvp), which he was also leader of. He became chancellor in 1923 but that was only for a short time because he preferred the position as Foreign minister. Stresemann was foreign minister from 1923 and 1929. He did more than anyone else to make Germany acceptable to European countries. He helped Germany get round the problem of the treaty of Versailles.

Gustav was the leader of the dvp who were concerned about Germany's national reputation but still supported the republic. Gustav Stresemann was to become the republics greatest politician. Some people felt that the dvp would provide more emphasis on national recovery. Stresemann needed a lot of help with the changing of Germany to its stable state.

After the Treaty had been signed there was a lot of problems caused like inflation. This was a real problem because it left the German republic in a terrible state. The people expected Stresemann as chancellor to do something about it. To avoid financial collapse Stresemann signed the Dawes plan with USA Britain and France, this spread Germany's reparations until they were able to pay them. Stresemann also signed the young plan that extended the deadline for Germany's bills 58 years.

Gustav believed that the only way to improve Germany's situation was by seeking...