Stress Management And Skin Disorders

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Emotional and physical stress has been scientifically proven to enhance such skin disorders as hives, psoriasis, acne, Resaca and eczema. Doctors have found that certain skin disorders are not only physical but are emotional in nature as well. They are now trying to treat out the daily stressors in the person's life by using medical treatment coupled with psychological counseling. Skin disorders may have more than one cause and should be treated medically; however, ones emotional state plays a large role in the aggravation of a skin disorder. Helping a person cope with the stress in their life can be beneficial to their health.

Just recently, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have discovered a protein called substance p, which during heightened stress can cause the skins tiny blood vessels to become clogged with white blood cells resulting in inflammation.

Dermatologists are now being educated to detect daily stressors in a patient's life.

They then will provide appropriate referrals to psychotherapists. Research has shown most people can change their stress behaviors in six to eight weeks, although deep seeded behaviors often take years to overcome. Sometimes medical help is not always needed to reduce stress. A good friend, parent or spouse may help reduce a stressful situation. Daily exercise is also a good stress reducer. Both heredity and environmental factors are possible causes of skin diseases.

As a child I was diagnosed with severe A Topic Dermatitis (eczema). This disease causes flakey, blistering, itchy skin and is found in 3% of all Americans.In my opinion, Atopic Dermatitis is a least 75% stress related. To reduce stress I've had to learned certain coping mechanisms such as deep breathing, physical exercise, having a positive mental attitude and medication when necessary.

I chose this article because of my experiences...