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"Many occupational hazards are limited to a few industries. Black-lung disease, for instance, strikes workers who spend their lives in coal mines. Radiation affects nuclear-power-plant workers. Job burnout, on the other hand, is not a job specific hazard. It can devastate the lives of college professors and chimney sweeps. It can drain the energy of housewives and taxicab drivers. It can leave waitresses and corporation presidents feeling listless and unable to make the smallest decisions." Says Robert L. Veninga and James P. Spradley in the book 'the Work stress connection (how to cope with job burnout)'

1.0 Introduction

I agree with their findings, work plays a powerful role in people's lives and exerts an important influence on their well-being. Although employment can be an exciting challenge for many individuals, it can also be a tremendous source of stress. Consequently, as work makes more and more demands on time and energy, individuals are increasingly exposed to both the positive and negative aspects of employment.

The relationship between work and mental and physical health may also contribute to career adjustment as well as to the productivity and economic capability of companies.

Throughout the eighties and into the nineties, Job burnout has continued to rise dramatically in organizations across North America. The eighties saw employees stressing out from working in a rapidly growing economy. During the nineties, beginning from the recession of 1992 till present day, employees are stressed by their own job insecurities in the face of massive downsizing and restructuring of organizations in order to be competitive on the global stage. Work stress is a very extensive topic ranging from research on the sources of stress, the effects of stress, to ways on managing and reducing stress. This report will focus first on the evidence for the harmful effects of stress...