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Steroids are a synthetic substance, which are related to the male sex hormone (androgen). Steroids play a role in the development of the skeletal muscles and promote the male characteristics of sexual development. Steroids were developed because of hypogonadism, which is a condition that effects the testes. The steroid would help to increase the amount of testosterone, which in turn would produce a more normal sexual function. Steroids were first tested on animals to find out what kind of effects if any. They discovered that the substance caused the skeletal system in the animal to grow at a very rapid pace. After the discovery many athletes started using the drug to improve their performance. Although steroids are widely used and readily available, they bring with them many potentially damaging and life threatening side effects.

Since the early 1930's their have been over 100 different types of steroids manufactured (juice). And out of all these steroids not one will have the exact same effect as the other.

This allows an individual to be able to choose from a wide array of steroids to use. Out of all these steroids they all do have one thing in common that is that they are all illegal if not prescribed by a doctor.

"Most steroids that are used illegally are smuggled in from other countries, illegally diverted from U.S. pharmacies, or synthesized in clandestine laboratories"(juice). Another way of obtaining steroids is by buying them off of the black market, but be prepared to pay three to four times the regular pharmaceutical price if they are bought on the black market. There are no guarantees that the steroids that are purchased will even be real. There are many terms and phrases that are associated with steroids. These are known as "street names" because of their...