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I felt that James Brightman did an outstanding job at introducing and conveying information about study abroad opportunities at La Salle. I knew virtually nothing about La Salle's study abroad program, and only vaguely considered traveling to another nation to study because my brother had done this when he was a student at University of Richmond.

I thought that his presentation on studying abroad really made me (as well as the rest of the class) more aware of the different opportunities that are available. I thought that Mr. Brightman made a very realistic impression of what a semester abroad is actually like. I didn't realize that there were different lengths of time you could spend abroad. I thought it was only possible to do a semester or a year. I would definitely be interested in doing a shortened period abroad, or doing a semester.

During the presentation, I found out about the four destinations that La Salle offered through its study abroad program: Mexico, Australia, Spain and Italy.

I, personally, was very intrigued by the Melbourne, Australia option. I know that if I do chose to go abroad, I want to go to English speaking nation. I think that the presentation was very informational, and make me aware of some of my interesting and promising options of international studying here at La Salle.