A Study of Designer brands in the Singapore market

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Survey Analysis

Social Survey was carried out to gain an understanding of the publics' opinions and knowledge on our topic. In this survey, questions such as stating the origins of the brands and views on success of these brands were asked. After much effort, we have received a satisfactory result. Out of 19 questions, some of them played a very important role in our report. Also, the analysis will be a focus on a few questions.

Firstly, to make sure that questions such as identifying designer brands were asked to ensure that the people knew of the brands that were considered 'designer' ones. Fortunately, from the results, it was seen that more than 80% of the people did know the correct designer brands. Secondly, we questioned about what is so attractive about these brands. This question gives us information on what is appealing about these brands that attract the consumers to purchase their items.

This plays an important role because we can find out what do the consumers look out for and perhaps these are the reasons why the designer brands are so successful.

From the results, we could see that the least attracting factor was the reason that it was not commercially produced followed by Status and Comfort. As seen above, Design clinched the second most attractive factor with quality control claiming the factor the public thought was the most attractive one. Since it tells us the different specialty in the brands that attracts the consumers, this question is therefore important in telling us the reason behind the choice of consumers.

Next, we asked a question we thought it was crucial and requested for their opinions on how well these brands have informed the others on their products.

From the results we were able to see that...