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Hamlet as hero

The dramatic value of Hamlet's verbal expressions is that

they give great depth into his mind. They show his wit and

verbal acrobatics, with double-entendres such as "No closer

kin than kind." It shows him as a man who can express so

much in words but cannot commit any actions. This makes it

tough on the audience as such an eloquent tongue and cast vault

of knowledge suffers.

Hamlet as hero comes about because he goes through a great

transformation involving great bravery. He ponders, many

questions in life such as suicide and the existence of man

to the point of true and unabashed confrontation, without fear

bordering on madness. This is truly a great feat in intellectualism.

Furthermore, he walks calmly to his death in the end. By Act V

he knows that he is going to die yet he goes to carry out his

destiny. He lived with an disinterested love of life beyond

his own life. This generosity and readiness to lose life

is a true affirmation of heroism. It is heroic to step up

and say yes to life and all of its great questions, while

facing great pain and solitude and even unhappiness. By the

end of his heroic journey he is unafraid to live life.

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