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Red Badge of Courage Précis

The Red Badge of Courage is about the struggle a young Union Recruit goes through to find the courage and strength to fight the battle he is faced with. While the book is about Henry Fleming's struggle with fear, there is more to the book than what meets the eye. I believe that what lies below the surface of these pages is Henry's journey toward satisfaction and peace while in the midst of battle.

In the beginning of the book we discover an impatient lad wanting to go to war; but by his second battle, Henry flees panic stricken. During his flight, our 'Hero' finds many ways of justifying why he has forsaken his regiment. Soon he joins up with a band of wounded soldiers and is shamed when one soldier asks him where he is wounded.

Henry views the wounds of those he is with as red badges of courage; shields they can hide behind.

When he meets up with his brigade, he lets them think that he has been wounded, thus providing an excuse for not being at the battle.

Henry Fleming finds the courage to fight when he is called a "Mule driver" by one of his officers. He becomes bitter towards the enemy and finds determination to fight fiercely. The other soldiers wonder whether he is crazy or just has incredible strength. Once when the color bearer falls, Henry picks up the flag and assumes the color bearers position. Here we see that Henry has overcome his fears but has found something worth fighting for.

Towards the end of the book, Henry looks back on his past failures and realizes that he doesn't need to worry about what others think about him. He finds that he will be able to fight...