A suprising moment: AFC Championship, Denver Broncos VS. Cleveland Browns

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A surprising thing that happened was the AFC championship. Denver Broncos VS. Cleveland Browns. This game took place on a freezing, January day, in 1987. Only 5 degrees above 0. But the 80,000 fans didn't care. They wanted to see some AFC action.

John Elway remembers thinking before the game, "When will I finally make it all the way?" This might have been his chance. In the first half of this game was pretty much a blowout. But in the middle of the second quarter, the Brows scored a touchdown. The Broncos responded with a field goal. The next play the Browns through an interception, the broncos returned it for a touchdown. The score is now, 10-7, Broncos. Less than a minute left to play in the 1st half. The broncos have a fairly good drive and get the ball down to the 32, with 4 seconds remaining. They kick a field goal......

It is good!!! The game is tied up, 10-10, at halftime.

The second half started up and the Broncos drove the ball down the field and kicked a field goal. As you should know, the Browns never give up. They prove this to the Broncos by scoring a touchdown, after the touchdown they hold off the broncos. They drive the ball down the field again and kick a field goal. Now the Browns are on top, 20-13.

Less than 6 minutes remaining for the Broncos, if you think that is bad, then listen to this. The Browns kick the ball of and the Broncos kickoff returner missed the ball. Finally the Broncos fell on the ball at the 2 yard line. John Elway was 98 yards and five minutes and fourteen seconds away from the end of his season.

Elway runs with the ball, he gains...