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Surf The Earth What's the matter? You can't think of anything fun to do this winter besides drinking hot cocoa and waiting for the holidays? Don't give me that crap! You could be sledding, skiing (cross country or downhill), or snowmobiling. When the snow flies, the possibilities are endless. Out of all awe-inspiring things to do this winter, one in particular comes to mind. That one would be snowboarding. With a little motivation, snowboarding can be the best thing that ever ended your winter recreation dilemma. One you have committed, snowboarding is a really addictive sport. It starts as a hobby, but with time and knowledge, it soon develops into a full-blown passion. There are a lot of intricate details that pertain to snowboarding, however three basic principals are crutial to know. The first, but not necessarily the most important is having the basic background information on the technology of the sport.

It helps to know the logic behind the principal. The second is figuring out what type or types of snowboarding are right for you. The third is discovering the motives and mentality of snowboarding. No, you don't snowboard because you look cool. After one decides which to pursue and why, the table turns back to technology, the most fundamental aspect of the sport.

I know you are aware that snowboards aren't just sticks of wood with string to hold your feet on. Within the last five years, the progression of snowboarding has taken on a whole new level of technology. Take the Burton company for example. They have probably been around longer than you. It seems that whatever they do, eventually all other companies try to mimic them in one way or another. Burton is a multifunctional company. If you need it, they have the...