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Now that the new millennium has hit us, we are living in what is considered as the era of “more for less”, when everything under the sun is marketed and sold as bundle packages. We see everything from the simple icons such as the ‘Super Size’ Value Meal at McDonalds where you get bigger fries and coke for pennies more, to more intimate indulgences like ‘Exclusive’ Spa packages that include all the primping and pampering one can take in a day/weekend. Even the technological world is tapping into the ‘bundle sales’ with advertisements offering the computer, monitor, printer/fax/ copier, etc. Even lesser subtleties like candy and popcorn combos can be found at the movies. Retail stores also sneak these packages right under the consumers nose by offering ‘warranties’ (that most will never use or need) with certain products.

While some offers such as ‘buy one get one free’ are useful as on the spot promotions, long-term effects can actually result.

Who would have known that the ‘Super size’ meal would be so hot in the marketing world? Now it is very unlikely that you will ever enter a McDonalds and not see them offer that particular menu. These days everyone is looking for a deal. Even in grocery stores you will see a customer ask for a discount on meat that is a day old. In a clothing store you may see someone bargain with the salesperson because a button is missing or a ripped seam is found. People just like the idea that they are “winning” a battle for a discount. They love the idea that the next person may be paying a higher price than themselves.

There is a big difference in the marketing world when comparing discounts on products versus discounts on services. For example, when a...