Sustainable Business Practice

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Sustainable Business Practice

Eira Schweigert, Pedro Torres


October 27, 2014

Dale Hetrick

Running head: Sustainable Business Practice


Sustainable Business Practice



From the websites listed, Team A will review major difference and similarities of three selected organizations. It will also be discussed as to whether or not these organizations are better suited to a specific industry, if they contain mandatory or voluntary targets, resources that they offer, and if there are benefits to a business for using one. With today's challenges in the business world, remaining environmentally conscious, promoting sustainability is an essential element to being successful.

Major differences and similarities

Team A selected the following organizations to describe the differences and similarities they have with the different organizations. The three organizations selected are Global reporting Initiative, Perdue University Clean Manufacturing Technology Institute, and Indiana Department of Environment Management. They have several similarities in their organization that proves to be helpful.


Some of the similarities these organizations have are the use of annual and financial reporting. They also train their staff and educate the public concerning their subject. These organizations have proven to be successful because they have a trained staff, are financially stable and can use their reports to prove their theories to educate the public.


The differences these organizations have are that they focus on different areas. The Indiana department of environment, their main focus is the wetlands (Office, 2015). They want to conserve and protect Indiana's wetlands. The clean manufacturing technology institute from Perdue University focuses on preventing pollution, as well as new technology to battle pollution (University, 2009); they want to reduce air emission. The Global Reporting Initiative is a non-profit organization that creates sustainability reports containing economics, environmental, and social impacts due to human daily activities (Initiative, 2014).

Even though...