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News reports are written to capture an audience just as much as any film or advertisement. Techniques of language and written codes are ways in which the report can achieve this. In the "Snowtown Verdicts" channel 2 and channel 9 present the same facts however it doesn't give a lot of detail. Both channels are constructing a news item to leave the viewer in no doubt of who is responsible for this murderous act and how justice has prevailed

Channel 2 has constructed a much more shocking and horrific news item rather than channel 9 which glosses over some of the shocking language. Channel 2 has a greater degree of horror and shock, this is evident with verbal language like "remorseless", "relentless" and "condemned". This leaves no room for doubt, or sympathy. This type of language is constructed to show that the killers are guilty.

Channels twos news item has a scene where there is an eerie green background.

With pictures of the victims faces floating across the screen ghost like. This is constructed so the viewer will feel sympathy for the victims and there families, it also gives the victims the opportunity to speak from the grave to condemn their killers. While this is going on there is a voice over informing the viewer how their voices were taped so that their welfare benefits would continue while they were dead. Channel 9 doesn't present any information on the victims at all, proving channel twos shocking approach, plus this also represents how T.V. news is a construction.

Out of both the channels only channel 2 constructs a segment that focused on the reasoning of why they killed. This segment involved the same eerie green background as before and written codes are used. They explain that the killers had a...