Tanzanian Times. A newspaper report about new wind turbines which are coming

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Wind turbines are due to be installed in Tanzania later this decade, how are they going to help us?

Young designers from England have come up with several ideas of what we could do with it.

It would help the country in several ways e.g. Water would be easier to access and the wind power will generate electricity to light homes/public places. Minkah and her friends tell us how they feel:

'I think it is a good idea, it would provide a lot for our village, and many others. '

Gimbya also tells us what she thinks; 'It is a very beneficial thing for us to do, it will bring hope to my children, they might be able to go to school one day.' Not everyone is happy though, 'It would be too expensive and Tanzania don't have enough money' Overall most people think it's a good idea.

Some of the ideas they have so far are things like having a swimming pool, shopping centre, school or a hospital inside the turbine.

This would mean every child would be able to go to school.

This would mean that students from Mlimani primary school would be able to move into a bigger school with lots of other children. The children above are a whole school-not just a class. I think if the turbine was a school it would mean a lot more children could go there.

If it was a hospital then the people of Tanzania would be able to be treated quicker and nearer to where they lived. Here is someone who was able to receive treatment in one of Tanzania's few hospitals. We asked them: what do you think about having new hospitals powered by wind: ' I would be really good. Because I received treatment it means...