Technology affects on our society.

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Since the Industrial Revolution in 19th Century, technology has developed quickly and incredibly. We realize the fact that it plays an important role in INFORMATION ERA. The inventions of high-tech machines and systems have created new faces to every aspect of our lives. As a result, these changes make wide impacts on each of person in our civilization, especially in society and the nature of work.

One of the major parts of the nature of work is technology and it is considered to be the factor of economic growth. First of all is in industrial production. An aggressive competition in industry and globalization put pressure on manufactures to advance their technology to fabricate the high and stable standard mass output. In order to reach this quality and to increase productivity, many kinds of machines, which are regarded to be more precise and efficient, replace human in working. Moreover, in the auto industries, computer and other machines nearly becomes " the producer" so human is just the person who takes care of them.

In addition, the improvements of technology not only are used in industry, they are used in communication as well. By using satellites, Internet, fax, or telephone, it only takes a few minutes to transfer the information to others. For this reason, more and more people think they are the key to succeed in business or other careers. Furthermore, without these advancements in technology, nowadays, human cannot discover the space and this never opens many opportunities for our civilization to connect with the alien or to find new planets to solve the overpopulation problem in the world. Without a doubt, modern technology made a new step in human's development indeed.

Going along with changes in the nature of work, societies are also affected by technology. Firstly, people...